SMS Trivia/ Text Message Trivia

SMS Trivia Game Service :

Wire2air SMS Trivia Game Service applications provide single or multi-round Short Message Service games. The game is very easy and fun to play and generate brand interaction and revenues from mobile data services. Trivia games service can be played in several modes- elimination, competitions, single player and multiplayer- Creating varying degrees of difficulty and challenge. Players are voted, pointed and awarded on the modes and degree of difficulty.


Wire2air offers two types of SMS Trivia game service:

  • Single-round SMS Trivia game service: These games provide participants to answer one or multiple questions and are generally used in promotions where consumers view a question on a product package and SMS in an answer.
  • Multi-round SMS Trivia game service: These games offers challenges and cheers repeated competition. Players faced multiple rounds of questions and resulting in one another and accruing points towards winning one or multiple prizes.


Single-round SMS Trivia:

Single-round SMS Trivia game service can be played in two modes: Code Prompt and Direct Input.

  • Code Prompt: The participant texts in a keyword (e.g., DIET) and receives a trivia question. In Code Prompt mode, a different trivia question can be returned each time the participant plays the game.
  • Direct Input: In this mode, the trivia question is displayed to the participant via a separate medium, such as a candy wrapper or advertisement. The first message sent by the participant is the answer to the trivia question. In Direct Input mode, only one question can be used for all participants, but this question can be changed on a regular basis if required.



  • Participants can answer based on an advertisement or on-pack promotion, or can be prompted with an SMS question
  • Trivia questions can be created on the fly or uploaded from a file
  • Trivia games can allow single or multiple attempts per question
  • Game can be played in a competition mode in which winners are selected based on correct answers only
  • Points can be awarded or deducted based on correct or incorrect answers
  • Multiple prizes tiers and the number of prizes can be specified
  • Mobile-terminated (MT) responses can be customized to include the answer given by the participant, points awarded or deducted for a particular answer and total points


Multi-round SMS Trivia:

[Coming soon!!]Multi-round trivia game service supports multiple question rounds (up to 10) and can be created in two modes:

    • Elimination: A game ends when a participant answers any question incorrectly or successfully completes the game.
    • Fixed rounds: A player’s game continues until all rounds are completed.

Participants can accumulate points when playing within either mode, and can compare their scores against other players via an SMS-based Hall of Fame.



  • Between one and ten rounds
  • A .txt upload of questions with preview functionality
  • Allocation of points for different/correct answers
  • Customized responses can include the participant’s response, the correct response, the number of points accumulated at any point in the game and total points
  • In competition mode, one game completion equals one competition entry for prize generation purposes



  • Two simple formats that generate interaction, fun and prizes
  • A self-deployed Web interface that can be easily used by non-technical staff
  • The games are easy to manage and can be regularly reviewed
  • Staff members can access comprehensive reporting, including the ability to download a participants list
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