Mobile QR code

Mobile QR Code- Mobile 2D Bar Code


Mobile QR codes or 2D code are codes in the same way as ordinary barcodes are, but their matrix structure can hold more information. The codes are also mobile in the sense that you can use the camera on your mobile device to scan and decode them. You can convert a web address (URL), a phone number, an email address or plain text into a mobile code. After scanning it with your camera phone, you will have instant access to the encoded information straight on the display of your mobile device.

How it can be used? What can I do with mobile codes?
Mobile codes are increasing in popularity. You can find them these days pretty much anywhere: as tags on flyers and posters; on business cards and CVs; in magazines and blogs; offline and online. They are a great way of sharing information with friends and communicating your message to strangers in a fun way.The possibilities are endless. You can encode your mobile site address and put it on your blog page or website for easy access. Or you can create a mobile code with your phone number or email address and print it on the back of your business card. Whatever it is, mobile codes make accessing information with a mobile device a one-click matter.

Create, expose and discover mobile codes

  • Create mobile codes by encoding web addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or text
  • Save mobile codes on your computer
  • Expose your mobile code by printing or publishing it on a website, marketing material, bill board, yard sign, etc.
  • Scan mobile codes with your camera phone, on printed surfaces or on computer or mobile device screens