Info on Demand

Info On Demand:

Allow customers to request real-time information about your business via text message, while putting your contact information in the customer’s phone for future reference as well as allow you to capture customer’s mobile number.

Right now, you put your advertising out there and you wait for response. You wait for a phone call, a website visit, a response by mail or a visit to the store. Wouldn’t it be great if consumers could respond to your advertising immediately – as soon as they see the ad and they’re interested in what you’ve got to say?

Now you can get instant response to your advertising with TxtImpact. It’s the simple service that lets consumers request information about your products and services just by sending a text from their mobile phone. Info on Demand is immediate, convenient, cost effective and measurable.

Great For:

  • Text for Directions:Mobile user’s text keyword to get directions to a store or event.
  • Text for Daily Special:Restaurant can offer daily special via Text message.
  • Text for Discounts:Mobile user’s text keywords for a special offer or discount on products or services.
  • Text for Info:Mobile user’s text keywords to receive marketing material on their mobile phone while responding to traditional marketing, Print Radio, TV, etc.
  • Text to order brochures:Mobile user’s text keywords to receive marketing materials by supplying their postal addresses.

Key Features:

The ability to customize the messages that customers receive

  • The option to track and follow up with prospective leads
  • Real-time notifications when inquiries are made via text message or e-mail
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