Wire2Air Newly Designed Text Message Marketing and Business Text Messaging Dashboard..coming soon!

Wire2Air is ready to launch newly designed dashboard for their customers. The new dashboard features intuitive design, enhanced reporting and many more new features.

The dashboard was redesigned based on clients’ feedback to highlight the high-powered features they use most. It boasts a sleek new look, at-a-glance information about the send and received text and pictures messages status, text and picture messages (MMS) consolidated reporting.

The most popular features are divided into four easy to navigate categories: Manage Subscribers, Text Messaging, Reports, and Manage Campaigns. Customers can register dedicated local numbers from over 26 countries and use it with their text messaging campaigns.

Send Birthday Wishes, with newly launched Dashboard customers can collect peoples’ birthdays when they subscribe and our system will automatically send them your birthday text message.

Picture Messaging (MMS) just got easier and better with the release, customer can send MMS messages directly from stored MMS messages from gallery and/or compose a new MMS while broadcasting a picture message.
URL links embedded in Text message marketing campaigns can be tracked using URL tracking reports.
Text Menu, a newly added campaign type to allow create menu based SMS autoresponder. People can text a keyword to the short code and receive list of available options. A customized Autoresponse message is  replied based on the user inputs.
Text chat, Mass text messaging is a great way to send promotions, text alerts, emergency text alerts or product updates to the group of people. But once you engaged with the customer, one-to-one messaging comes into play. Wire2Air added a new tool, Text chat for one-on-one communication, a great tool for contact centers to answer customers’ questions.
Template Messages, now customers can create text messages  or pictures messages templates  and use them either at text message broadcast tool, Text chat screen or use in any interactive campaigns. Subscribers merge tags are also supported in template messages.