Mobile Coupons

Text Message Coupons Campaigns

Mobile coupons are the latest technology which has been popular for a few year to send location based, discount and offers based text messaging to your customer. Wire2air has developed simple mobile couponing layout for those consumers who are waiting for discounts, offers and free sale at the store or shop. It is very beneficial for small and local, large and national business organization. Wire2air text messaging platform allows you to start it by yourself and saves thousands of dollars to run a campaign for you. Use our SMS short code to send SMS coupons to your targeted, nearest audience with your amazing discounts, rebates, and service. Are your business is slow down? Offer discounts, free coupons, and rebate on a product with our text messaging software today.

A mobile coupon is a coupon that used by a customer to access on their mobile phone, they use it to receive discount & offer of product or service on purchasing. Mobile coupons are not other than other coupon work which you listen every day. Text messaging based mobile coupons has shown a great result in instant improvement in sales and purchasing. Today almost every American has a cell phone and almost 200 messages are sent text messages are sent every month by a phone subscriber that means it is the easiest means of marketing products. Mobile coupon with wire2air provides interactive content to send you product offers to your targeted customer.

Key functions for a mobile coupon campaign:

  • Discount or rebate offer
  • Cross selling offers.
  • Lottery entries
  • Buy one get one free offer
  • Free bags on thousands dollar selling.

So, if you are looking for such marketing campaigns then sign up with wire2air. We provide you advance text messaging platform as well as a short code number to send you business offer to a customer.

Some of the common benefits of using text message coupons campaign are:

  • Building brand image
  • Driving instant traffic to your store
  • Target specific location and customer
  • Promotion of new products and services
  • Instant offers
  • Recording database of customer to market in future
Mobile coupons are best for an organization like Restaurants, Hair salon, Travel services and general stores to send out a coupon at every stage to generate sales. Sign up with us to develop specific API to your business and enjoy with an unexpected result.
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