Is Brazil mobile ready for FIFA World Cup?

Brands, advertising companies, businesses are getting ready to advertise their products and services during FIFA World Cup this year in Brazil. Companies are looking at mobile as one of the channel to reach fans around the country. But is Brazil is ready for all mobile traffic will be generated during FIFA?

Infonetics research warned that Brazil is not ready to handle all mobile traffic during FIFA world-cup.

fact, Brazil had only 60,000 base receiving stations in place last year, about
as many as AT&T alone has in the United States, notes Stéphane Téral,
Infonetics’ principal analyst for mobile infrastructure and carrier economics.
In addition, average mobile data speeds are slow, only around 1.4 Mbps.


handle the expected surge in mobile traffic, Brazil has installed distributed
antenna systems in some stadiums, “but there are way too few base
transceiver stations in surrounding neighborhoods, such as those around the
Maracanã stadium in Rio, to handle the mobile traffic of the impending crowds.
And currently there are only 24 base transceiver stations in Jacarepaguá, where
most of the Olympics will be hosted in 2016. Brazil has some work to do,”
says Téral.


– check out Infonetics release


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