Express your products, brand or business with customer in effective way. The goal of mobile marketing is not to only reach customer´s cell phones, but also increase brand image & loyalty. Campaigns are more interactive and effective when they provide incentives, gifts and rewards.A car dealer provides free drive or check, a phone company gives a fee sms packs, a restaurants offers food coupons.

As like SMS Contest is used for mobile marketing medium; Put a sign in the window, a sticker on the menu, Radio or TV ad, Newspaper, magazine, etc.. There are so many ways to interact with your customers.

SMS Contest gets highly valued in contest of:

Free dinner for one

Movie or event promotion; give away free movie tickets or free CD
Retail store gives away a 20% coupon
Auto Repair gives away free oil change
Key Features:
Control the number of winners. You decide how often you want us to pick a winner or if everyone is a winner. Insert pre or randomly generated promotional code in the message