Wire2Air Released a New Dashboard for Mobile Marketing and SMS Messaging services

Wire2Air released a New Dashboard for Mobile Marketing and SMS Messaging services! Including a brand new design and new features. This is a wider effort to simplify our apps and improve our users’ overall experience with our apps. Why did we change it? We received lots of feedback that our design wasn't as modern as it could be. Also, it was time to adopt some Web 2.0 standard design and cutting edge technologies to improve our app’s performance and make it easier to add new features. As a result, we decided to rebuild the app from the ground up. Over the last few months, a select group of customers has been testing it – and today we’re finally ready to show it off to everyone. In the coming months, we’ll continue adding new features and other improvements. The newly designed dashboard features intuitive design, enhanced reporting and many more new features. The dashboard was redesigned based on clients' feedback to highlight the high-powered features they use most. It boasted a sleek new look, at-a-glance information about the send and received text and pictures messages (MMS) consolidated reporting.

What's New

1. New Design

When you log in, you’ll notice the most obvious difference: the new design. We’ve drastically simplified the look and feel of the Dashboard, as well as adopted a more modern aesthetic.

2. Manage Campaigns Shortcuts

Now you can access campaigns features frequently access function directly from Manage Campaigns screen. For example; Text Polling Results, Survey Data, Web Widgets, Copy Survey Function, etc.

3. Phone list cleaning/Mobile Number Scrub tool Improvement
Upload a CSV file loaded with phone numbers and process through Phone list cleaning tool and import filtered mobile numbers directly in the subscription list.

4. Survey and Poll invitation to Subscribers' SubGroup and cross-campaign invitation

Send an invite to subscribers of another campaign or Manually enter the recipient mobile numbers. You can also send an invitation to a subgroup of subscribers based on the rules defined in the subgroups to participate in the Text Poll or Text Survey.

5. Enhanced Text Appointment Reminder System; Google Calendar support added

Support for Google Calendar added to the appointment reminder system, now schedule patients or clients appointment in Google Calendar and have a text reminder sent to them.

6. Text Survey Clone feature

Clone/Copy an existing survey with just one click of a button, no need to manually re-create questions and options.

7. Unicode Detection and Transliteration Tool

Text messages are limited to 160 GMS characters. If your text contains any Unicode(Non-English, international characters) symbols, it needs to encoded as Unicode which reduced the text character counts to 70 characters per text message instead of 160. This means that a 160-character SMS message will be split into three text messages if they have Unicode symbols. This is not a user-friendly and can cost your three times cost to send one text message. By using the Unicode character detection tool, you can identify and replace symbols that aren't part of the 7-bit GSM charset to avoid extra cost. We also provide a transliterate of the text message to GSM characters, which might not exactly same as your original text with but will be a new version of replacement characters from GSM character set, without any Unicode.

You can always access Unicode detection tool from Tools Menu option from Dashboard.

Your Feedback or Questions

If you have any feedback, questions or issue related to the new features, please contact support at support@wire2air.com.

Wire2Air Newly Designed Text Message Marketing and Business Text Messaging Dashboard..coming soon!

Wire2Air is ready to launch newly designed dashboard for their customers. The new dashboard features intuitive design, enhanced reporting and many more new features.

The dashboard was redesigned based on clients' feedback to highlight the high-powered features they use most. It boasts a sleek new look, at-a-glance information about the send and received text and pictures messages status, text and picture messages (MMS) consolidated reporting.

The most popular features are divided into four easy to navigate categories: Manage Subscribers, Text Messaging, Reports, and Manage Campaigns. Customers can register dedicated local numbers from over 26 countries and use it with their text messaging campaigns.

Send Birthday Wishes, with newly launched Dashboard customers can collect peoples' birthdays when they subscribe and our system will automatically send them your birthday text message.

Picture Messaging (MMS) just got easier and better with the release, customer can send MMS messages directly from stored MMS messages from gallery and/or compose a new MMS while broadcasting a picture message.
URL links embedded in Text message marketing campaigns can be tracked using URL tracking reports.

Text Menu, a newly added campaign type to allow create menu based SMS autoresponder. People can text a keyword to the short code and receive list of available options. A customized Autoresponse message is  replied based on the user inputs.

Text chat, Mass text messaging is a great way to send promotions, text alerts, emergency text alerts or product updates to the group of people. But once you engaged with the customer, one-to-one messaging comes into play. Wire2Air added a new tool, Text chat for one-on-one communication, a great tool for contact centers to answer customers' questions.

Template Messages, now customers can create text messages  or pictures messages templates  and use them either at text message broadcast tool, Text chat screen or use in any interactive campaigns. Subscribers merge tags are also supported in template messages.

Is Brazil mobile ready for FIFA World Cup?

Brands, advertising companies, businesses are getting ready to advertise their products and services during FIFA World Cup this year in Brazil. Companies are looking at mobile as one of the channel to reach fans around the country. But is Brazil is ready for all mobile traffic will be generated during FIFA?

Infonetics research warned that Brazil is not ready to handle all mobile traffic during FIFA world-cup.

In fact, Brazil had only 60,000 base receiving stations in place last year, about as many as AT&T alone has in the United States, notes Stéphane Téral, Infonetics' principal analyst for mobile infrastructure and carrier economics. In addition, average mobile data speeds are slow, only around 1.4 Mbps.

To handle the expected surge in mobile traffic, Brazil has installed distributed antenna systems in some stadiums, "but there are way too few base transceiver stations in surrounding neighborhoods, such as those around the Maracanã stadium in Rio, to handle the mobile traffic of the impending crowds. And currently there are only 24 base transceiver stations in Jacarepaguá, where most of the Olympics will be hosted in 2016. Brazil has some work to do," says Téral.

For more:

- check out Infonetics release


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